Apostle Catherine Brown, GGM Founder/International Director

Catherine Brown is the Founder/International Director of Gatekeepers Global Ministries (GGM) and is a sought-after national and international preacher and teacher. From 2007-20014 she led a global evangelism and discipleship mission entitled “GGM 7 Million Souls.” At January 2015 there were almost 150,000 new converts and 117 new church plants. Catherine continues to work with her team and valued partners and leaders from more than 30 nations/regions in on-going mission; building the church; advancing God’s kingdom and mentoring, training and discipling people, leaders and nations.  She preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom with faith intentionality of influencing culture and communities globally to cause transformation and a shift towards Biblical standards.

Current Activities

Catherine is actively involved in discipling, training and equipping leaders and believers through conferences, church meetings, on-line teaching and via the GGM Church and Ministry Affiliate Programme. Catherine works with spiritual sons and daughter, mentees and partners from all over the world. She is working with others to explore and create models of Kingdom community hubs and apostolic centres.

Catherine was the Co-founder of the Scottish Apostolic Network in Scotland, which she led for 7 years. Catherine is also one of the Co-founders of the Scottish Strategic Prayer Network, although she is no longer leading this group. She operates in a servant leadership capacity helping to network leaders and build strategic apostolic vision and infrastructure to advance God’s Kingdom. Catherine is committed to encouraging five-fold unity amongst leaders and has hosted apostolic roundtables and leadership summits with valued partners in numerous locations including Scotland, Ireland and the Philippines with other strategic gatherings planned for New York and Europe. Catherine also facilitates a leaders gathering in her own region of Ayrshire called, Love Ayrshire, which meets quarterly.

She operates in an impacting apostolic/teaching mantle with a strong revival thrust on her preaching, serving the Church and the lost through Christ’s Gospel of love. She has ministered in Europe, Africa, Asia, Israel and the USA and has had the privilege of seeing people saved, baptised, healed and delivered in the glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with miracles, healings and signs and wonders following. Catherine’s passion for Christ and His Kingdom is contagious and wherever she ministers people are envisioned, healed, equipped, empowered and mobilised. Catherine is a member of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL). 

Catherine has written many books including  her latest books, “The Invested Leader (And Those We Raise)” and “The Imperfect Leaders (And Those We Serve). Downloadable versions of her books are available here at the Gatekeepers Store and also at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Catherine led and pioneered an international worship movement “One Million Hours of Praise” for three years, in which more than 60 cities/nations and in excess of one million people were mobilised to praise Jesus. She has been involved in teaching/training men, women and children and has ministered in political gatherings, business meetings, churches, conferences, college campuses, prison meetings and the streets. She has served as a part-time prison chaplain in Scotland and has been involved in church planting and outreach in many prisons overseas. She is passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission, the two great Commandments and Jesus’ mandate laid out in Matthew 25 and Isaiah 61. Catherine is committed to loving the poor, the lost, the church and above all Jesus!

Catherine has a heart for Christ-centred media and has been invited as a guest on several radio and television programs in the UK and the USA. Catherine has authored many books. She is a guest writer for several other ministries in the UK and the USA.

Personal History

Prior to entering full-time ministry Catherine ran her own successful wedding favour business, and before this worked as a Training Consultant delivering training modules to young people for a large retail outlet.

Catherine is married to Stephen and they have four lovely grown up children and live in the West Coast of Scotland.

Catherine Brown was saved at age fifteen but after only two years of following Christ, she then spent twelve long wilderness years in the world, before returning to God her Father as a prodigal at the age of twenty-nine. Catherine was rescued by Christ from the ravages of domestic violence, abuse and hopelessness and underwent a profound revival experience just before her thirtieth birthday. Her personal revival was marked by deep repentance and resulted in a transformed lifestyle with a passion for holiness, a desperate longing to see souls won for Christ and an unquenchable desire for the church to fall profoundly in love with Jesus, her Bridegroom.

She can be contacted at admin@gatekeepers.org.uk or Catherine@gatekeepers.org.uk

Facebook: Personal page https://www.facebook.com/catherine.brown.79462

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Twitter: @CBrownGGM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx2wAIKAV_OTH6KBRHIvzeA

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