“Catherine leads an outstanding contemporary apostolic ministry.   She’s apostolic, prophetic, an author, a visionary and a great example of one who connects and encourages leaders across cultures and nations and moves in the gift of healing and evangelism.   Her conferences in the nations have been geared toward equipping leaders so that they can equip their flocks and teaching leaders to be kingdom partners.  At this time she has network partners from twenty five nations.   She has seen thousands of souls saved, and has just launched an initiative in one of Nairobi’s women’s prisons equipping them with life skills.  In particular she has a vision to evangelise and disciple seven million new souls with the Gospel.  We are honored to be counted among her friends.”

Brian and Candice Simmons, Apostolic Resource Center (ARC) & Stairway Ministries www.thearcentre.org



carl“I would like to commend to you Catherine Brown’s work to see 7 million people come to a knowledge of Christ over the next seven years.  Gatekeepers Global Ministries truly has a heart to reach the lost at any cost and it’s a credit to Catherine’s desire and tenacity for the Kingdom that her ministry is doing more than other ministries many times in size.  Her love for God and people is evident in everything she does and coupled with a very clear prophetic gifting, Catherine is sure to accomplish everything that she has been called by God to do.  I look forward to working more closely on this project with Catherine”..”

Carl Brettle, Executive Director, Ministry, United Christian Broadcasters www.ucb.co.uk




arnold“Knowing and working with Catherine for the last seven years, I have always found her to be inspirational in her ability to flow with the Holy Spirit, clear in her prophetic delivery and bold in her apostolic anointing. Her impact on our pastors and Church leaders network in East Africa has been phenomenal and God has used her to bring encouragements and direction to many.”

Bishop Arnold Muwonge, Director, NDE-Network www.ndenetwork.com





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