“EVEN THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE ADMIT IT’S A MIRACLE: A classroom in a special education school in Ashdod has served as a makeshift synagogue on Shabbats for 40 years. Throughout those years, not one Shabbat prayer meeting was missed – until this last Shabbat. And that was what saved the congregants from a Gaza missile that struck the synagogue’s courtyard Saturday. Netanel Mor Yosef, a member of the congregation, explained the synagogue’s manager underwent an operation during the week and was unable to come to open the synagogue doors. So there was no service. “Then we saw that the missile had lodged a direct hit. Normally, the area surrounding the spot where the missile hit would be full of people during all of those hours on Shabbat,” said Yosef. “Thank G-d this was a visible miracle, the synagogue was closed, and the great damage that should have happened was averted. All day long the talk is about the miracle, how it happened, and everyone – even those who are not believers –unanimously agree that what occurred was a great miracle. (INN) Such miracles are answers to prayers. Continue to intercede for the protection of every Israeli resident against unrelenting terrorist rocket fire. Pray also that those on the receiving end of divine intervention against death and injury will recognize the love of G-d for his people.” Source: Jerusalem on Line info@jnnnews.com


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